A 'landman' in general acquires the mineral rights from landowners to drilling a well. Negotiating leases, Right-of-Ways, mineral owners' and working interest partners relationships are the backbone; however, it doesn't stop there. Division Order analysts and Lease analysts review documents to ensure the parties ownership, rights, and responsibilities are conveyed of equipment, field employee costs, expenditure allocations, rentals, and other monthly charges not covered by invoices. Analysis of the expenses charged or those being charged requires understanding the Joint Operating Agreements for wells along with company policies and procedures.

  • Negotiate and write Lease Agreements, Joint Operating Agreements, and Pooling Orders
  • Analysis ownership to support division of interest and proper deck set-up
  • Lease analysis to determine appropriate rights and responsibilities
  • Maintenance of lease contracts, land ownership, and governing authority reporting
  • Apply for governing authority required permits


Manage percentage of proceeds, wellhead, gathering and transportation contracts; Create and maintain contract database; Ensure contracts adhere to client specifications and industry standards; Negotiate and write gathering, purchasing, transportation, trucking, interconnect, and hot tap agreements; Perform necessary OCC procedures to Drill and/or Operate Oil, Gas, and/or service wells within the State of Oklahoma; Research for mineral and company net acreage and calculate GWI, NRI, ORRI on a lease basis; Form filing along with walking client through establishing evidence of financial ability; Review chain of title to confirm ownership; Research well formation and setup producing leases; Prepare leasehold ownership PLAT; Organize and prepare lease record files; Order recorded documents through county clerks or abstract companies; Process leases for payment; File instruments of record; Title research work for leasing and drilling; transfers of ownership.