Marketing in the oil and gas industry isn’t that different than marketing in other industries. Companies have a product that needs to be sold. Contract names may be different; however, contracts state the rights and responsibilities of sellers/purchasers. Companies find a buyer for the oil and gas, the ‘purchaser’, and negotiate the amount and price of each product to be sold/received. Marketers need to understand the production of wells, units, field, or areas. Forecasting future available quantities and analysis of future pricing are key components also.

  • Negotiate and write gathering, purchasing, oil purchasing, transportation, trucking, interconnect and hot tap agreements
  • Manage percentage of proceeds, wellhead, gathering and transportation contracts
  • Contact with customers to determine their needs and preferences
  • Create and maintain contract database
  • Monitoring the performance of products in the field
  • Forecasting future sales quantities so that production and distribution departments can adjust their operations
  • Developing and implementing strategies to maximize return
  • Managing the day-to-day operations of a network of retailers and resellers
  • Contract compliance – adherence to specifications and industry standards