Joint Interest, Revenue, Vendor, Pipeline, Facility, Desk, Litigation

Our Compliance Audit Team can help with external Joint Interest, Revenue & Expense, Oil & Gas Pipelines or external facilities, company desk audits, gas plant & gas processing contract audits. Also, through our forensic accounting audits, we offer litigation support. We support legal counsel by inspecting different data sources. Our Forensic Accountants search specifically for fraudulent and inaccurate activity. By using our expertise in accounting and finance, auditing and quantitative methods, you will be ensured your audit is seamless and accurate. We are focused on identifying, interpreting, and communicating such information.

  • Ensure proper calculation of Overhead & Allocations on JOA
  • Examine, analyze, & interpret accounting records
  • Evaluate statements prepared by others
  • Review contractual agreements between parties to identify contract risks
  • Inspect invoices and billing detail
  • Analyze your processes to understand internal controls
  • Identify non-compliant areas by collecting and analyzing evidence
  • Accurately quantifying the amount of billing errors
  • Prepare calculations, analyses and strategies

Contracts that are non-compliant can be overlooked and can diminish company earnings and hard work. A joint venture audit can improve profitability. Contract compliance will of course confirm the terms of the agreement and by clarifying the contract terms and conditions, companies can also improve on financial processes, decisions or other internal issues. This helps to lessen the risk of accidental fraud due to invoice and inaccurate payment submission.

Performing a regular audit can help you uncover any discrepancies or issues before they become major.