Through us you obtain qualified professional consultants for projects or mundane time-consuming duties. You can leverage cost savings by reducing operational and labor costs. You gain qualified consultants you don’t have to train or access knowledge not available internally. You can delegate difficult to manage functions and still realize the benefits. You can free up internal resources to focus on core business processes or for more effective uses.

Your goals become our goals. We become partners on the journey to achieve the best results possible and continued success.

Our Purpose

Alleviate business constraints empowering people to succeed.

Our Mission

Provide knowledgeable consultants assisting clients in achieving obligations and goals.
Provide our employees an engaging work environment, wonderful challenges, and the opportunity to thrive.
Deliver returns to our stakeholders by achieving strong and consistent performance.
Devoted to giving our clients exceptional customized service.

Who We Are

Letter From The President

Integrated Back Office Enterprise is the 'go to' for industry professionals. I started this team because constraints I ran into became so frustrating. When a project or work was outsourced, the people performing the requested work had no idea what they were doing. I don’t call that customer service. My frustrations grew so I flew. Yes. I left my then employer of 10 years. My husband and I sold almost everything we owned and moved to Costa Rica. Through my industry connections I consulted on Oil and Gas projects and Tax Planning services during the year we were immersing ourselves into the Tico culture. I flew back to the United States for national COPAS meetings. I'm passionate about the Oil and Gas Industry and helping business owner's profit and grow. Returning to the United States, I consulted with a few companies and found the same frustrations I've encountered throughout my professional career. The questions came: "why can’t we find consultants that know what they are doing", "why are we paying for out-sourcing and having to explain how things work or do the work ourselves", "do you have others we can contact that know [fill in the blank]". The big light bulb came on when a private equity upstream company was in a transition and had to let their contractors go. The principals were concerned because they cared about these contractors. Discussion began. The respect and trust from this client overwhelmed me. The client wanted to have access to knowledgeable people when they needed them and from a source they trusted. This led me to reach out and contact people in my network. This was not just a start-up issue; I was hearing the same story over and over. I was given a chance when I started my career and wanted to pay-it-forward.

I believe in giving people the chance to thrive. If you want to learn, I’ll teach you. If you don’t know something, ask. If I don’t know, I’ll tell you, and can probably find someone that does know. We can learn together. We aren’t the professional contractors that perform the requested functions and leave; we see our clients as partners in a journey to alleviating stress and worry while achieving their goals to ensure continued success.

Patricia Ellington, President

Our Team

Patricia Ellington

Patricia Ellington, APA®


Patricia is the principal owner of Integrated Back Office Enterprise LLC. (I-BOE). The company provides outsourcing in all areas of Petroleum Accounting including litigation (COPAS expertise), Business Advisory Services, and is a great source for small business owners.

Patricia was chosen to create SM Energy’s External Audit department, transiting this function from external contractors to an internally lead department. Prior to this role Patricia was hired by SM Energy to begin a Regional Financial Analyst position in each of the five regional offices: Billings, MT; Tulsa, OK; Houston, TX; Midland, TX; and Shreveport, LA. In this role Patricia worked within the Mid-Continent Regional to help link accounting and operations.

Before SM Energy, Patricia was a Financial Accounting Analyst with KCS Resources which was purchased by Petrohawk Energy. During her career at KCS Resources, Patricia handled SEC reporting, Tax reporting, Financial reporting, Joint Interest Billing (JIB), Joint Venture Audit, Banking, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and collections. The multiple projects also included working closely with Operations and restructuring the Land department. One main project Patricia completed was the transition from one processing system to another within a year from Petrohawk Energy purchasing KCS Resources, Inc.

Patricia received her BS in Accounting, is an Accredited Petroleum Accountant® (APA®) and is a board member of the Petroleum Accountants Society of Oklahoma (PASO – Tulsa). Patricia is also the COPAS National Joint Interest Standing Committee Secretary.

Celesta Worley

Celesta Worley

Office Manager

Celesta is the Office Manager of Integrated Back Office Enterprise LLC. (I-BOE). This company provides outsourcing in the areas of Joint Interest, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Revenue, Regulatory, Production capture, Division Order, Lease Analysis, Title and curative, lease negotiations, OCC representation, external audits, and special projects for Oil and Gas Upstream companies.

Celesta was Office Manager of SM Energy’s Mid-Continent Region for six years. Her leadership aided SM Energy when the Tulsa office was closed in 2015. Celesta organized the purging of sensitive files and sale of office assets four years after a move of 64 people from one office building to new building. Prior to that office closure, Celesta integrated 24 employees to Tulsa when the Shreveport office was closed. Celesta’s representation of the company was with staff, suppliers, and clients.

Celesta was chosen to plan company events, conferences, maintain company procedures, and on-board new employees because of her amazing interpersonal, decision making, and discretion skills.

Prior to being office manager Celesta started her career at SM Energy (formerly St. Mary Land & Exploration) as a Land Coordinator.

Rae Floyd

Rae Floyd

Operational Accountant

Rae is an operational accountant that performs various functions within Integrated Back Office Enterprise LLC (I-BOE). This company provides outsourcing in the areas of Joint Interest, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Revenue, Regulatory, Production capture, Division Order, Lease Analysis, Title and Curative, lease negotiations, OCC representation, external audits, and special projects for Oil and Gas Upstream companies.

Rae was hired on with KCS Resources while in the midst of being bought out by Petrohawk Energy Corporation. In the six years of working there she worked as an Office Coordinator/ Accounting Temp., Regulatory Technician, Engineering Technician, and Drilling Technician. She headed up office build outs and assisted with accounting projects. While working as a Regulatory Tech for the AR asset team, duties ranged from working closely with the ADEQ setting regulatory standards, to assisting Land, Construction, and Geology departments with the Arkoma Basin Acquisition Setup. As an Engineering/Drilling Tech she ran economics for AFE packets, set up and maintained the Emergency Compliance Database, gathered information for prognosis, sent for proposals, and set up DVDs and WBDs.

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