Analyze terms of farm-outs, JOA, and other agreements, prepare payout statements with running monthly balances, distributions of reports, calculation of gas balancing.

I-BOE wants to help you determine the point at which all costs of leasing, exploring, drilling and operating have been recovered from production of a well or wells as defined by your contractual agreement or regulatory statutes.

I-BOE can help you with your farm-out agreements where the owner of an operating interest (working interest) maty transfer (farm-out) the operating interest. Whatever situation you find yourself in, overriding royalty issues, over/under produced, I-BOE can help prepare monthly balance sheets so the numbers make sense.

We can:

  • Collect and analyze data for gas imbalance
  • Do nominations and confirmations
  • Account for process wellhead volumes
  • Identify information on oil/gas plant statements useful to determining calculations
  • Look at Pipeline and Production Flow for gas analysis
  • Examine Joint Operating Agreements (JOA)
  • Ensure Taking-in-Kind is processed properly